Not too many developments, but here's a clearer picture:

Tuesday October 19 Philadelphia KHYBER PASS - TLASILA, Leslie Q, and
Stinker (Seth Soffer's neue group).

Wednesday October 20 Cleveland SPEAK IN TONGUES (I think) - TLASILA, Leslie Q, Cock ESP, Abort Protocol, + ???.

Thursday October 21 Green Bay CONCERT CAFE (still not confirmed) - TLASILA,Leslie Q, Cock ESP, + HC/metal support band(s).

Friday October 22 Chicago ??? - TLASILA, Leslie Q, Cock ESP, Ashtray
Navigations, Plas-Xcorp (MARR-LONN MAGUSS' new rock horror), and Abort Protocol (SKiN GRAFT Records' very own Billy Sides)

Saturday October 23 Detroit GOLD BAR (though not yet confirmed) - TLASILA,
Leslie Q, Cock ESP, Abort Protocol, +???.

Sunday October 24 Rochester BUG JAR - TLASILA, Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, Leslie Q, Cock ESP, and Ashtray Navigations.

Monday October 25 Boston MASSACHUSETTS COLLEGE OF ART (unconfirmed) -
TLASILA, Leslie Q, + maybe Idea Fire Company, and Howard Stelzer
(Intransitive Recs prexy and a vicious tape collagist).

Tuesday October 26 Providence FORT THUNDER - TLASILA, Leslie Q, Load combos
of Ben McOsker's choice.

Wednesday October 27 New York [Menlo Park Recordings fest - Marc Weitz is booking] - TLASILA, Leslie Q, and MP gruppen Splotch, Bunnybrains, maybe
MONOTRONA if she's got a show ready, and, I hope, Tete a Gifle, who aren't Menlo Park but close associates nonetheless.

I forgot to add Aaron Dilloway to the list - one of his bands will be playing at least one of the shows, and with luck, maybe a lot (or all) of 'em. So, please include our genius MI pal into the tour equation.