zeek sheck is fun.

I ask dumb questions. She gives fun answers. Thank you Zeek.

by RIchard Jaspering

RJ: When/how did you first get involved with Chicago scene people, like Thymme Jones, Bobby Conn, etc? 

ZS: Thymme Jones used to be in DOT DOT DOT. He wore short  shorts so what's not to like?  Bobby Conn used to wear tight pants, knee high  leather indian boots and hit on all the girls.

RJ: On your website, you give us a rundown on the Dot Dot Dot band you had some years back, with Jodie Mecanic and Kelly Kuvo. Apparently, Dot Dot Dot was surrounded on all sides by dark forces.. embittered,  humorless feminists and manly rock dorks, to name a few.. Do you think that Dot Dot Dot would be plagued with the same problems it faced 4 or 5 years ago? 

ZS: Yes, it would be the same. We made a new sound by being abrasively ecclectic. People didn't know what category to put us into so we got left out by everyone except other uncategorized individualists with open ears. 

RJ: Any plans for a Dot Dot Dot reunion show someday, just to get in one last, big FUCK-A YOU to your detractors?

ZS: Maybe there will be a reunion, who knows. I still am friends with them & still have great respect for their music, Monotrona and Sweet Thunder.

RJ: So far, you have two CDs that I am aware of, the first being I Love You, with the Hot Lines For The Children band, and this last one, Zeek Sheck Rules Cloud People, Good Luck Suckers with.. the Cloud People. You have established a running plot with both of these releases. 
Could you tell us, please, what the story has been thus far?

ZS: A lady runs a 1-900 hotline for children stories. Some kid calls up and gets a story about a mole who lives in a man's front yard. The man's wife wants the mole OUT of the yard because she is jealous of the love he gives it. The wife demands roll-on grass in the front yard as a ploy. The man sneakily moves the mole to the back yard. The next-door neighbor soon finds out about the mole and hates the thought of a fleshy stub animal burrowing around underneath her lawn chair. she gets angrier and angrier and she she sends her servant to go find a warlord to lead a war against all cute little animals. The best leaders in the land are Beepers and they just so happen to be haveing a convention at the Hotel California in the very same town as the neighbor. The servant interviews and picks out a fit leader for the war against cute little animals but that night the Beeper leader gets a prostitute and the prostitute eats the beeper up in a moment of passion. Fuck. The leader doesn't realize that it's dead and so floats around and goes on the clouds. The Cloud people find the Beeper and decide to use it for their own purposes. This is as far as the current release goes. 

RJ: Is there a sequel to Good Luck in the works?? 

ZS: The 3rd album is called Zemag Daeh. 
The songs are Zemag daeh, dedicated to Foreigner, 
typewriter 'computer hack' poseur, Gross Out Contest, stunod and peanucklehead, peepwad froo froo, Idiots, Tennis, hotdog Eating Marathon, Milke,  Sun Bleached Mary's tan, Solitaire, Chrystal Castles 1,2, & Al’s stall 3, Al’s Street, Street of the future, fly2fast, spin the Bottle for baby tongue deep throat: the final fronteer for “shocking” the do gooders dedicated to William Bennett, Freak accidents & Rubberneckers society of the BOOBtube, 69 rules, mangy rats & hamsters maze race. 

It is my favorite so far. It will be released in January. The plot thickens.

RJ: What's a typical set-up for one of your shows? 

ZS: Right now there is Mollo (my sister) wears a bright light see through suit and plays maracas, jews harp, assorted electronics, and blues vox, and the other musician - Rollo has skyscrapers sticking out every
where all over her and a flesh lump head and plays laptop computo and sweet sultry vox, Zeek Sheck's Cutoff head who talks and screams some, various electric pets who dance, and of course lots of random tits and ass flashes, haha yeah right, etc. 

RJ: Do you ever play songs live from your albums?

ZS: Yes, all the time and I also sample them and make new conglomeration songs. The music for five albums has been written so I play stuff off those as well. I've only recorded three so far. It will take me a long time to get around to the others. Plus I write new songs all the time so that delays finishing albums too. fuck 
I just wish the five albums would be finished so I can retire and go on a tour of all the world's volcanos.

RJ: Do you have any favorite programs for computo music making? 

ZS: Yes definitely. 

RJ: Are there any that you would advise against? 

ZS: Each to their own. Try everything you can get your hands on. Do not be afraid to try everything and open every little panel. Computers are neato mazes to figure out.

RJ: What is this new WOOF PIES band I?ve been hearing so much about?

ZS: Woofpies is synth and laptop explosion music!!! http://members.xoom.com/woofpies
 w/ members from The Cutoff Head Band and Caroliner

RJ: I must also ask this of Cokra..

ZS: Cokra is a Ducked Tape Cobra Chick Marching and Dancing Band. The chicks are really vivascious and excited and funny!!! Woo Woo I just love it. 

RJ: How'd you get involved with Cokra? 

ZS: I said I would like to be in a band with other hot chicks because chicks understand chicks and so my friend King Riff the noise machine synth player and founder of the band found some chicks for me. Jailbait, the bass player, does some great stage moves, kicks and stuff and Mimosa the chick on Farfeesa is a creeper. She tells the scariest stories so you have to watch out for her.  Musically it's GREAT. 

RJ: Where do all these ideas come from? 

ZS: I suspect synapse firing and regurgitating all the funny events that happen to me during the day. 

RJ: Is there anyone to whom you accredit influence? 

ZS: Only Creedence.

RJ: Have your opinions or performances ever ostracized you from entire "scenes"? I wouldn't imagine that excommunication from such cliques would be entirely heartbreaking..

ZS: I'm pretty logical and easy going to most people. All the enemies I've ever had are jerks. Some others don't have senses of humour so they go through life trying to make things rotten for people because on the inside they are tortured souls and their inner childs are cry babies.

RJ: Do people generally understand, or appreciate what you're doing? Or, do you sometimes find your audience confused, or maybe even slightly frustrated by your performance?

ZS: Depends what it is. Most of the time things work out great. Every once in a while stuff sucks. Sometimes I go off on a tangent that is not really all that great. Like I'd always thought destroying your instruments was dumb but one time my drum machine wouldn't work so I kicked it over and it was super fun. It was around the same time I was reading lots of sicko sadistic stuff. I stayed inside all the time because it was too cold to go out, watched horror movie after horror movie, and tried to have staring contests with people on the bus. 
I thought that pathetic angst was really kind of hilarious so I started kicking people and strangling audience members. I made Zeek Sheck become a tyrant! I liked the idea of it and I liked the bizarreness thrill of doing something I would not normally do but I never much liked hurting anyone and always fealt cheated afterwards somehow because my victims would never struggle. The violence never did much for me and so I stopped. Fuck cruelty and bad assness. I tried it and it wasn't so great. I'm reformed. Bla bla bla.

 RJ: What's in your stereo right now??

ZS: Dick Raaijmakers, and in my cassette player is Hans Reichel (bowed wood). Making a tape for a friend.

RJ: How bout your VCR?

ZS: Zots by William Castle, an old black and white funny movie about an ancient magic coin

RJ: READING anything?

ZS: Mechasm by John Sladek (sci-fi)

RJ: What do you do, aside from making music, to pay the bills?

ZS: I make comic books & I'm a professional pickpocket

RJ: How was high school for you?

ZS: I got to make one of those 25 cent machine snot blobs in chemistry and I threw it on the ceiling and it stayed there so that was pretty good!

RJ: Have you been to any reunions, or kept in contact with any old school chums? Yuck. Chums. 

ZS: NO WAY!!!! Oh except for Solly who plays standup bass in Zeek Sheck bands

RJ: Are you coming back to the midwest sometime?? We missed you the first time around, when you was in Missouri.

ZS: Probably.

RJ: By the way, how'd your head get cut off?

ZS: Beeper's revenge

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