Back in the day, Hatecrimes used to have this noise thing going on called
JIZZ1408. It was just him fucking off with microphones and found sounds, nothing too serious. He put that aside for a little while to pursue more "musical" endeavors. But now, seeing that there truly is no light at the end of that tunnel, and that music, for the most part, just sucks... he's back in the noise game, complete with brand new skills and mad, mad hate.
Listen to his "unique" take on the theme from 227. Or don't, and be a pussy.


Losman's Movie Index. Losman throws together a huge list of the most bizarre, obscure shit you can find. Nice stuff, plus he's got a sense of humor. Pictures too!

Blackest Heart Media. You can order all kinds of shit from here, and if you happen to like Lucio Fulci, then this site is vital. Recommended by true blue gialloholic Marlon Magas.

House of Horrors. If you have a computer, and you like horror movies, chances are you've been here. And if not, by all means go! Go now! As the name implies.. More of the same, but some stuff you won't even find at Rotten. Neat.

Dark Waters.  A good place for Italian spy and gore films, as well as a rare interview with Joel Reed, director of Bloodsucking Freaks.

World of Wrestling.  This deserves your attention. You've probably seen this linked in the Pie site once already, but these kids, they are fucking crazy. Jumping off dump trucks and roofs onto each other, no regard for themselves or anyone's property.. THAT'S violent shit.