Picture this: the middle of nowheresville Missouri, a high school that gets out early one day. Jocks and preps go home or to some awesome party, but 3 sophomores from said school had a different plan... This trio of pubescent noise makers decided that they were tired of just listening to music, they were going to MAKE  it.  They headed for the creativity capital of the universe ("Sublette's Party Cove"), and got some stuff together. These items were an old radio with built-in mics for recording, Sublette's brother's guitar, some pots and pans for percussion and Asta, the Dog of Death, for background vocals. On guitar was Jay, who also sang some. On percussion and lead vocals was Jason. On percussion, pots/pans,spoons
ect..was Kyle. He sang too.

They first made lyrics for "Anarchy in Danville," the booming metropolis of 50 some people where the Sublette Party Cove is
located. It is a song about the lonely, depressed people rebelling against the oppressive, junta-style Danville government and, among other things, killing the local psycho, BUZZ, with an anvil. The chorus was Jason and Kyle yelling FUCK over and over. After they listened to it they came to 2 conclusions.

1: they suck
2: even though they suck, it sure was easy to make a song.

Thus, our heroes had a whole afternoon's worth of recording. Such hits as "My Girlies Not A Virgin" and "Dog of Death" were recorded on that historic and life-changing day.
Raving Lunatics Demo #1 was recorded over a tape of Weezer.

The actual tape case for Raving Lunatics Demo #1 (which was, strangely enough, the only demo)
Weird.... Anyway, this lead to the sacrelegious improv poetry
sessions called "A BOAT!!", which lead to Diabetic Boyz and TRJK.

You can listen to the Raving Lunatics in RealAudio if you click here.

Raving Lunatics: Where Are They Now?