Born 12, October 1968
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 96 kg

Miguel Mendoza, grandson of the late, great luchadore Enrico "Muerte" Mendoza, was a respected, near-legendary wrestler in Mexico for close to 2 decades. He began his career at age 17, where he fought his way up from the infamous "death-style" underground matches to become a preliminary wrestler in the now-defunct LLWA, fighting under the name Death Mask. As Death Mask, he attained a small fan-base, which followed him when he transferred to the AMWO. There, he won the championship belt on several occasions and became embroiled in a bitter feud with a larger, less-popular luchadore named Ciclopsis 3000. Their incredible, near-fatal matches often involved barbed wire and pyrotechnics, which thrilled the fans to no end and made Death Mask feel right at home. The rivalry ended when they fought in a "mask vs. mask" bout, leaving Ciclopsis 3000, the shamed loser, no choice but to retire. In 1986, Death Mask was introduced to the world by his proud grandfather as Muerte Mendoza, Jr., the successor to the Mendoza wrestling name. His popularity level shot to astronomical heights, and his name alone allowed him the opportunity to tour the world. He fought extensively in Japan and Germany, but his roots were back home in Mexico. For the next ten years, Mendoza Jr. fought innumerable opponents and was engaged in numerous plots and rivalries (the most famous of which was his historic series of fights in AMWO with a masked wrestler named Señor Alvarez), until he inexplicably decided to give up his trade to become a noise musician. He now incorporates his famous, death-defying lucha libre tactics into 2 Man Projekt.